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Our projects on Tenerife

First of all, I would like to apologize from all our friends who are not familiar with our beautiful, exotic Hungarian language for not writing this text sooner. The extreme scarcity of our resources (electricity and internet connection) are big part of the reason why this was delayed for so long. But we hope that you are still interested in us! :)

So, a quick backup: after spending the first three months of 2013 on Gran Canaria, we decided to come to Tenerife to visit a one night openair trance party and participate in the project of the landowner. So the next three month we spent in the same place, a squatted ex-farmhouse close to El Medano in the south of Tenerife. After crowning our activities there by making a reggae party, we just decided that it is far better for us to do our own projects on the island instead of investing energy and work to make someone else's dreams come true. But it was during this time also that we realized that we would like to spend more time on this island and make a long-term basecamp here.
I could write a long, long text only about the reasons and about Tenefire, and I plan to do so, but this has to wait for a while. What you can read here is what we have done so far and where we are heading now.


After the very intense moments of flor de fuego at the Costa del Sol and the holiday time on Gran Canaria, we did not make too many fireshows on Tenerife. However, strangely enough for us, summer is NOT the best season for doing these kind of things here. First of all, practising in 40 C under the strong African sun is a challenge in itself. And about the people – well, life does not really stop here in the summer – it only gets extremely slow-paced. Of course, every time we went to a party we spinned some fire:

Fan dance at Evaristo Goarcía
Pálmester at el Fraile
Zsuzsi and Virginia at La Caleta
Just for ourselves
But lately we've met ultraVioleta, an amazing dancer, and working with her seems to change everything.

This weekend we plan to make our first show together -- and see what happens. And the winter is coming soon, and with it all the street performers escaping the ice and snow of Europe. So the first time in my life I can hardly wait the winter to come :)

The Rabbit Hole

Have you, guys, ever thought about living in a cave? I never did, not until it happened on Gran Canaria. But those two months were meant to be a “once in a lifetime I must try it” kind of experience. But then we came here and met some surprises. On Tenerife there is a tradition of living in caves that goes back to many centuries, starting with the original berberic islanders who lived here before the Spanish conquest. And now many hippies, street artists, pirates and other fairytale creatures are populate the caves of Tenerife. And there are many, many caves, and looks like we have just found our hole in the world.

So here is the TRUE story of how The Rabbit Hole was born from almost nothing, recorded for the future in the form of a photo comics:

This is where we started from
and these heap of stones was our courtyard.
But we were strong and persistent in our efforts:
we've cleaned 5 cubic meters of dust and stones,
repaired the floor,
and we are building the walls now.
Sometimes we stop working, because we host and organize parties,
and now we have places to sit for 11 people on the couryard,
a view from the roof terrace to the North – in the background the top of Teide (3718 m),
and a view from the roof terrace to the South – in the background the Atlantic Ocean,

And we hope than at least some of you are getting at our bait and jumps for some days, weeks or month into this Rabbit Hole to visit our magical wonderland :)


First it was only Palmester dj-ing at some parties, but soon we also went as fire performers. After the almost two-year-long lack of trance life, first it was amazing just to be at a party, dance to loud music under the stars and meet people like us. And we saw many, many beautiful places on these island. If you are interested in the photos, check out this entry from Palmester.
However, the ever-present party-organizer bug just started to buzz his song in our ears very soon. We saw many things that we liked, some that we did not, and many, many visions how to make all these in our own way. After all, we have come from and organized parties in Ozoraland and we just could not help wanting to just DO it. Then, in the end of August, we got the news that there is a sound system and a generator available and a party announcement already made on the goabase - but the would-be organizers just left for the Continent. So we can organize this party if we want to – in less then a week!
So with two Hungarian guys and an English friend we just put together the best that we could come up with, and we made one extra low budget party that lasted for 14 hours, altogether 60-80 happy, crazy people meeting and dancing and talking and having fun. Many new connections were woven, many nice moments shared with strangers and with friends, and in the end, on Sunday afternoon we were dancing in front of the speakers until we dropped dead.

the chill out place and the Ocean
deep in the night, dancing

after the end of the world we were still dancing

Since then many new people seem to be joining, bringing their projects, ideas and resources. Our next “baby” is a weekend long gathering of psychedelic art and music, with live jam sessions, dance workshops and a deep trance journey on Saturday night from the harmonies of the light until the depth of darkness and back. All your good energies sent by the telepathic postal services are more than welcome! :)



And why do we do these all instead of just enjoying the beach and the all-year-long sunshine and nice weather? Well, the Big Dream is to create a community involving all kinds of artists who can come and create together mind-boggling psychedelic art experiments for ourselves and similar experiences for others. We would like to bring together these kind of people from all over the world in one place – and to create parties that are much more than only parties – transformation stations for “creating a new vision to live and love on planet Earth.”

Are YOU in?

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