2013. január 13., vasárnap

Good-bye and thanks for all the fish

To our dear Finnish friends,

I just want to put it here as well as saying many times, how happy I am that we've met, how much I thank for all the help, the company, the drinks, the smoke and the fire, the space and the time, and the love and learning that we've shared. It was an amazing, healing and upshaking two month for me, besides having a lot of fun and a lot of work at the same time. When I say "work", I don't mean doing the dishes, that is up to you, now ;) I mean creating fireart, and marketing, and promotion and whatnot. for example, these last two videos I post below.

Should we just meet at Transition Festival in March? Insallah, let's see you there

Big-big hugs for you,

And the videos:

New Year's Eve at Refla:

Best of Costa del Sol: 

2 megjegyzés:

  1. wooooooooow!!!! Az uj evre hasonlo mennyisegu szabadsagot, meg tobb energiat es rengeteg munkat kivanok!! :) Es legalabb egyel tobb talalkozast! :)

  2. egy elég lesz, csak elég sokáig tartson :)Szépeket, jókat nektek, hogy sikerült a szilveszteri buláj?